Time For Bojo To Go

It is not abnormal to feel contempt for politicians. There is something so blatantly hypocritical and sleazy about some, it gives the ordinary voter absolute glee to mock them. And then there is Boris Johnson. Once a national meme who spouted out fantastically complicated words, he has transformed to a disgrace of a leader with about as much backbone as a blanket.

There have been signs for the past couple of years that he might top the chart of worst Prime Ministers of the 21st century. From his blubbering about Peppa Pig to Dominic Cummings, there have been serious misjudgements and messes that makes it seem like he has the easiest job to hang on to in the country. Indeed, he makes Theresa May seem comparable to Churchill, such is the weakness of his leadership. Watching the video, during which he confirmed a return of working from home (good news, office parties are still on though) it is impossible not to despise this man who has clearly no idea what life is like outside his privileged bubble of Downing Street. Allegra Stratton, who was caught red-handed mocking the rules, possessed the attitude that many held. The hypocrisy is laughable, yet simultaneously ghastly. The major issue with the No.10 Christmas party was that it was held by those who enforced restrictions on the nations. If politicians cannot respect the laws, how can they expect anyone else to follow them? Of course, this is only natural for Boris Johnson. Recently he made a mockery of the government in his speech condemning middle-class drug-using. Why he is targeting the middle-class specifically seems a bit unfair when considering the famous coke habits of the upper class. Then again, as an upper class man who admitted that he Class A drug once or twice, it makes sense that our beloved Bojo would not want to be seen as a hypocrite. Instead, we get a vision of our Prime Minister dressed as a policeman. If only Theresa May had done the same, she might have been more popular.

When such intrusive laws are imposed, they cannot be done so at whim as they have been these past years in the UK. There is no evidence that vaccine passports work to ‘save lives’ yet they have been enforced anyway in Scotland, and will probably come into play in England too soon enough. There is strong evidence, from this summer and from countries like Sweden, to suggest natural immunity levels any rise in cases, yet ministers were insistent it was the delayed results of economically crippling rules that did so. Politicians have been advised by those with one agenda: to analyse the worst-case scenario of Covid-19. They have psychiatrists openly examine the public’s obedience to the laws, but not the catastrophic effect on mental health these restrictions have. They make announcements on rise of Covid-19 cases, but where are those on cases of Cancer, pneumonia, Alzheimer’s disease, car accidents, suicides, addictions? Instead, the person who runs this country is in Peppa-Pig world, unable to see another viewpoint, unable to comprehend the damage his restrictions are causing. Confidence in financial markets and the leaders of the United Kingdom is tumbling; it is time this is acknowledged; it is time for a motion of no confidence in the government. 

Olivia Groom

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