Keep on Censoring in the Free World: Neil Young vs Joe Rogan & Spotify

“No one is more hated than he who speaks the truth.” – Plato If you are an avid Neil Young or Joni Mitchell fan, you might already know this, but their music is no longer available on Spotify. Most people may not be aware of this, and even if they are, might not care tooContinue reading “Keep on Censoring in the Free World: Neil Young vs Joe Rogan & Spotify”

Does The University Of St Andrews Actually Care About Its Students?

Upon return to St Andrews, it is clear the University does not have students’ best interests at heart, despite it reaching top of The Times and Sunday Times Good University Guide. From setting up virtue signalling schemes that do not benefit students to overcharging sports clubs, it is a wonder how the University achieves suchContinue reading “Does The University Of St Andrews Actually Care About Its Students?”

The UN Human Rights Council: A Host Of Violators

UNGA Resolution 60/251 created the UN Human Rights Council (UNHRC), “responsible for promoting universal respect for the protection of all human rights and fundamental freedoms for all.” One would not imagine the members of the UNHRC included countries that systematically violate the same human rights. As part of its mechanisms, the UNHRC and its membersContinue reading “The UN Human Rights Council: A Host Of Violators”

The Socialist Propaganda At The Core Of British Education

In the early 1920s a fierce debate erupted and caught education in the centre. Darwinian scientists wished to ingrain their principle theory of evolution within the American public school curriculum – a move the church opposed. In the end, creationism reigned supreme, and numerous states placed an all-encompassing ban on the promotion of material thatContinue reading “The Socialist Propaganda At The Core Of British Education”

Is The UK Now An Authoritarian Nation?

Vivid images of George Orwell’s 1984 come to mind when one combines the United Kingdom and ‘authoritarian’ in the same sentence. Not one person would have guessed as the clocks ticked into this new decade that in less than a few months the free world as we knew it would change completely, and perhaps forever.Continue reading “Is The UK Now An Authoritarian Nation?”

Bridging The Divide: A New Socio-Political Theory

Competing political principles and ideologies have brought us to crossroads. The camps we broadly conceive as the left and the right appear to be more divided than ever before, with the centre often seeking to find a working compromise or appearing as a moderate version of one of the aforementioned tribes. Our socio-political landscape reflectsContinue reading “Bridging The Divide: A New Socio-Political Theory”