There Is No Method To This Madness

“I urge you at this moment of national emergency to stay at home, protect our NHS and save lives.” – Boris Johnson on 23rd March 2020. The main purpose of entering a national lockdown on 23rd March was, supposedly, to avoid overwhelming the NHS – a catastrophic scenario which would have only resulted in theContinue reading “There Is No Method To This Madness”

Should there be another Scottish Independence referendum?

Since the EU Referendum four years ago, the proposition of another independence referendum in Scotland has always been a topic of conversation. The vote on 23 June 2016 has had huge significance for the whole of the United Kingdom, with Brexit finally taking place earlier this year after long periods of British political party divisionsContinue reading “Should there be another Scottish Independence referendum?”

The Other Pandemic: The Plastic Crisis

Every person in the UK is aware of the intensifying plastic crisis. However, did you know that by opting for a disposable face mask instead of a reusable one you are aiding the plastic pandemic? This crisis has been a rising issue in the last several years with 78% of plastic ending up in theContinue reading “The Other Pandemic: The Plastic Crisis”

Broken but not Beaten – An Analysis of the Beirut Explosion

“I saw death with my own eyes… I started feeling ‘is it over?’ I was looking around at the ceiling, just waiting for it to fall on us,” says Emmanuelle Lteif Khnaisser in an interview with the news outlet France 24. On the 4th of August, Emmanuelle had arrived with her husband, at the St.Continue reading “Broken but not Beaten – An Analysis of the Beirut Explosion”

“Defund the Police” and the Exploitation of Leftist Rhetoric

Politics is just as much pragmatism as ideas. Careful, pragmatic action is crucial for ideas to have impact. This notion is one sometimes lost on much of the political left, including myself. Problematically, the left often pushes ideas through tactics and slogans that drive willing people from their cause. More often than not, the left’sContinue reading ““Defund the Police” and the Exploitation of Leftist Rhetoric”

A Season Of Problematic Art – And What It Taught Me

In the early days of the lockdown, I found myself revisiting, in the company of my parents no less, the film Joker, the bracingly dark comic-book-derived drama that ruled the box office (remember that?) and the awards circuit not so long ago. My opinion of it now is as it was when I first sawContinue reading “A Season Of Problematic Art – And What It Taught Me”

The Insanity ​​Behind Mental Health Economics

It does not take an Econ genius to determine the adverse relationship between the economy and mental health, whether these be direct costs, such as therapy or other mental health program expenses, or indirect costs such as loss in labour productivity. However, what is the monetary value of such a toll?  Experts estimate that mentalContinue reading “The Insanity ​​Behind Mental Health Economics”

The Irony of Law and Order Politics

Trump is a fan of law and order, something he makes clear when he constantly attacks protestors (peaceful or not). Every man is! no sane person considers lawlessness and chaos an end, and few consider it a means to one. As humans, we appreciate peace and continuity, especially when it works in our favour, andContinue reading “The Irony of Law and Order Politics”