Fans, Corporations, And The Sorry State of LGBTQ Representation

Have you heard? According to Marvel Comics, Star-Lord – the guy in Guardians Of The Galaxy played by that one guy you used to find funny on Parks & Recreation — is bisexual. Apparently.  Did you know? The title character of Disney’s new animation Raya & The Last Dragon is gay, at least so sayethContinue reading “Fans, Corporations, And The Sorry State of LGBTQ Representation”

A Season Of Problematic Art – And What It Taught Me

In the early days of the lockdown, I found myself revisiting, in the company of my parents no less, the film Joker, the bracingly dark comic-book-derived drama that ruled the box office (remember that?) and the awards circuit not so long ago. My opinion of it now is as it was when I first sawContinue reading “A Season Of Problematic Art – And What It Taught Me”

Free speech is a myth. Here is why I believe in it.

“I disapprove of what you say but I will defend to the death your right to say it.” As cliché as Evelyn Beatrice Hall’s saying may be (that’s right, it wasn’t actually Voltaire who said it but Hall, summarising Voltaire’s views on freedom of speech in her 1906 book titled The Friends of Voltaire), theseContinue reading “Free speech is a myth. Here is why I believe in it.”

Winning the Lottery of Life

St Andrews may have its fair share of problems, but one facet of this university people can’t complain about is its diversity. There is an amazing breadth of people here that is almost incomparable to any other major European university. We are lucky to boast students from every corner of the globe. The diversity ofContinue reading “Winning the Lottery of Life”