The Insanity ​​Behind Mental Health Economics

It does not take an Econ genius to determine the adverse relationship between the economy and mental health, whether these be direct costs, such as therapy or other mental health program expenses, or indirect costs such as loss in labour productivity. However, what is the monetary value of such a toll?  Experts estimate that mentalContinue reading “The Insanity ​​Behind Mental Health Economics”

The Magic Money Tree: A Disgrace Or Our Saving Grace?

I never thought we would reach the day where a Conservative government spends more money than I managed to squander during my first term at University. They say ‘money doesn’t grow on trees’ yet the government seems to be capable of plucking unimaginable amounts of money out of thin air. Compared to a general governmentContinue reading “The Magic Money Tree: A Disgrace Or Our Saving Grace?”