On Creativity, And Why It Matters In Politics

The institution of the university has traditionally been the home of intellectual discussion and political engagement: the student protests of 1968, in particular, stand out to me as one of the moments in history where universities truly took on the role of challenging the status quo. Upon my arrival in St Andrews in September 2020,Continue reading “On Creativity, And Why It Matters In Politics”

Should there be another Scottish Independence referendum?

Since the EU Referendum four years ago, the proposition of another independence referendum in Scotland has always been a topic of conversation. The vote on 23 June 2016 has had huge significance for the whole of the United Kingdom, with Brexit finally taking place earlier this year after long periods of British political party divisionsContinue reading “Should there be another Scottish Independence referendum?”

“Defund the Police” and the Exploitation of Leftist Rhetoric

Politics is just as much pragmatism as ideas. Careful, pragmatic action is crucial for ideas to have impact. This notion is one sometimes lost on much of the political left, including myself. Problematically, the left often pushes ideas through tactics and slogans that drive willing people from their cause. More often than not, the left’sContinue reading ““Defund the Police” and the Exploitation of Leftist Rhetoric”

Married to the Mob

In The Histories Polybius lays out a theory of anacyclosis, or a cycle of political evolution. The theory hypothesises that all states will cycle between six styles of governance (three benign and three malignant): monarchy, tyranny, aristocracy, oligarchy, democracy and ochlocracy. As most Western states now operate under a democracy – even if impure –Continue reading “Married to the Mob”

Free speech is a myth. Here is why I believe in it.

“I disapprove of what you say but I will defend to the death your right to say it.” As cliché as Evelyn Beatrice Hall’s saying may be (that’s right, it wasn’t actually Voltaire who said it but Hall, summarising Voltaire’s views on freedom of speech in her 1906 book titled The Friends of Voltaire), theseContinue reading “Free speech is a myth. Here is why I believe in it.”

The Irony of Law and Order Politics

Trump is a fan of law and order, something he makes clear when he constantly attacks protestors (peaceful or not). Every man is! no sane person considers lawlessness and chaos an end, and few consider it a means to one. As humans, we appreciate peace and continuity, especially when it works in our favour, andContinue reading “The Irony of Law and Order Politics”

Behind the World’s Worst Humanitarian Crisis – Yemen

Yemen – a country on the Southwestern end of the Arabian Peninsula with many unique cultural influences stemming from the Sheba Kingdom and early Islam. Previously described by geographers as Arabia Felix, otherwise meaning “happy, fortunate, blessed”, today Yemen is burdened by death, starvation, and war. The conflict began in 2014 when Houthi insurgents tookContinue reading “Behind the World’s Worst Humanitarian Crisis – Yemen”