Keep on Censoring in the Free World: Neil Young vs Joe Rogan & Spotify

“No one is more hated than he who speaks the truth.” – Plato If you are an avid Neil Young or Joni Mitchell fan, you might already know this, but their music is no longer available on Spotify. Most people may not be aware of this, and even if they are, might not care tooContinue reading “Keep on Censoring in the Free World: Neil Young vs Joe Rogan & Spotify”

On Creativity, And Why It Matters In Politics

The institution of the university has traditionally been the home of intellectual discussion and political engagement: the student protests of 1968, in particular, stand out to me as one of the moments in history where universities truly took on the role of challenging the status quo. Upon my arrival in St Andrews in September 2020,Continue reading “On Creativity, And Why It Matters In Politics”

Introduction: A Word From Our President

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