Bridging The Divide: A New Socio-Political Theory

Competing political principles and ideologies have brought us to crossroads. The camps we broadly conceive as the left and the right appear to be more divided than ever before, with the centre often seeking to find a working compromise or appearing as a moderate version of one of the aforementioned tribes. Our socio-political landscape reflectsContinue reading “Bridging The Divide: A New Socio-Political Theory”

The Importance of Protecting Free Speech

A recent article has been published by The Tab, criticising the government for its efforts to protect free speech. One might assume it argues the government is not going far enough to protect a human right that is proven to be under threat in universities. Sadly this is not the case; the author of thisContinue reading “The Importance of Protecting Free Speech”

The Insanity ​​Behind Mental Health Economics

It does not take an Econ genius to determine the adverse relationship between the economy and mental health, whether these be direct costs, such as therapy or other mental health program expenses, or indirect costs such as loss in labour productivity. However, what is the monetary value of such a toll?  Experts estimate that mentalContinue reading “The Insanity ​​Behind Mental Health Economics”

The Magic Money Tree: A Disgrace Or Our Saving Grace?

I never thought we would reach the day where a Conservative government spends more money than I managed to squander during my first term at University. They say ‘money doesn’t grow on trees’ yet the government seems to be capable of plucking unimaginable amounts of money out of thin air. Compared to a general governmentContinue reading “The Magic Money Tree: A Disgrace Or Our Saving Grace?”

The Forgotten Key Workers: Seasonal Migrant Labour in the Age of COVID-19

The story of the COVID-19 pandemic has been one of devastation, but it has also highlighted the importance of key workers to the functioning of countries around the world. This has in turn led to a rising appreciation for the work that they do, with the media and people in general playing a role inContinue reading “The Forgotten Key Workers: Seasonal Migrant Labour in the Age of COVID-19”