Bridging The Divide: A New Socio-Political Theory

Competing political principles and ideologies have brought us to crossroads. The camps we broadly conceive as the left and the right appear to be more divided than ever before, with the centre often seeking to find a working compromise or appearing as a moderate version of one of the aforementioned tribes. Our socio-political landscape reflectsContinue reading “Bridging The Divide: A New Socio-Political Theory”

The Importance of Protecting Free Speech

A recent article has been published by The Tab, criticising the government for its efforts to protect free speech. One might assume it argues the government is not going far enough to protect a human right that is proven to be under threat in universities. Sadly this is not the case; the author of thisContinue reading “The Importance of Protecting Free Speech”

The Brexit Deal: The Good, The Bad, And The EU

On Christmas Eve, Boris Johnson, with a certain pride not seen in a while, wished every Briton not only a Merry Christmas but also a Merry Brexit. There was a collective sigh of relief from Remainers and Leavers alike as the great Battle of Brexit was finally over and Johnson proudly proclaimed that “we haveContinue reading “The Brexit Deal: The Good, The Bad, And The EU”

Who Is A Refugee? Refugee Status In A World Of Climate Change And Pandemics.

The question of who is a refugee and who is entitled to the international protection the status accompanies has been discussed in scholarly and political literature since the Refugee Convention in 1951. The definition has significant impacts on the obligations of host and origin states, politicizing the issue that affects individuals lives on a dailyContinue reading “Who Is A Refugee? Refugee Status In A World Of Climate Change And Pandemics.”