An Act Of Terrorism? An Examination Of The US Capitol Attack

On the 6th January 2021, the storming of the US Capitol Building sent political shockwaves around the world. The very foundations of one of the oldest democracies in the world had been shaken to the core, and for a nerve-racking few days it appeared as if the cornerstone principles of peace, justice and popular sovereigntyContinue reading “An Act Of Terrorism? An Examination Of The US Capitol Attack”

“Defund the Police” and the Exploitation of Leftist Rhetoric

Politics is just as much pragmatism as ideas. Careful, pragmatic action is crucial for ideas to have impact. This notion is one sometimes lost on much of the political left, including myself. Problematically, the left often pushes ideas through tactics and slogans that drive willing people from their cause. More often than not, the left’sContinue reading ““Defund the Police” and the Exploitation of Leftist Rhetoric”

Married to the Mob

In The Histories Polybius lays out a theory of anacyclosis, or a cycle of political evolution. The theory hypothesises that all states will cycle between six styles of governance (three benign and three malignant): monarchy, tyranny, aristocracy, oligarchy, democracy and ochlocracy. As most Western states now operate under a democracy – even if impure –Continue reading “Married to the Mob”

The Irony of Law and Order Politics

Trump is a fan of law and order, something he makes clear when he constantly attacks protestors (peaceful or not). Every man is! no sane person considers lawlessness and chaos an end, and few consider it a means to one. As humans, we appreciate peace and continuity, especially when it works in our favour, andContinue reading “The Irony of Law and Order Politics”