Broken but not Beaten – An Analysis of the Beirut Explosion

“I saw death with my own eyes… I started feeling ‘is it over?’ I was looking around at the ceiling, just waiting for it to fall on us,” says Emmanuelle Lteif Khnaisser in an interview with the news outlet France 24. On the 4th of August, Emmanuelle had arrived with her husband, at the St.Continue reading “Broken but not Beaten – An Analysis of the Beirut Explosion”

The Hidden Victims of COVID-19

No one is exempt from the effects of the COVID19 pandemic; everyone has had to make their sacrifices, however big or small. However, some members of society have been hit especially hard during this global pandemic. We have heard the stories of the traditional risk groups, yet the media has largely ignored the situation ofContinue reading “The Hidden Victims of COVID-19”