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Our members are passionate about a wide variety of topics such as, but not limited to: Science, History, Culture, Economics, and Current Affairs.

Founder & President

Olivia Groom

Principal Officials

Olivia Beech – Vice President

Alexandre Denizé – Director of Publications

Sahil Ali – Treasurer


Ella Handy – Secretary

Hugo Gallagher Boyden – Deputy Treasurer

Kyle Paige – Co-Engagement Officer

Krystyna Karolina – Co-Engagement Officer


Johanna Wassong

Molly Finn

Isobel Collins

Alexia Salem

Charlie Randall

Max Goodkind

Jessica Craig

Adrian Whatmore

Arthur Dingemans

Emma Gottlieb

Kira Siebrecht

Milo Farragher-Hanks

Paula Plechschmidt

Jessica Hepler

Stan Garbett

Adelaide Daniel

Yuthika Jeyasuresh

Oliver Randon

Alexis Panz

Camilla Pederiva

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